Andorra is one of the most profitable countries in which to invest.


If you are thinking about generating a profit, whether it be by creating a new company or buying shares of an existing one, investing in Andorra is possibly your best option.

Andorra is a modern country, which benefits from a unique and stable political framework, singular thanks to its history, its social and natural environment, and of course its dynamic economy, that make it a developed State and attractive to invest in.


In fact, in 2017 it was considered to be the second-best country in the world to invest in, by International consultants Bradley Hackford, thanks to its process of homologation and transparency recognized by the OCDE. All of these changes have permitted Andorra to remain in a situation of equal conditions with neighboring economies, as well as allowing the country to become a top-level destination for new sectors and companies.


Advantages of investing in Andorra:

1. Company tax, personal revenue tax and on the revenue for non-residents is under 10%. General sales tax is 4,5%. Your investments will be subject to less retentions in Andorra than in another country.


2.The GDP per nominal capita is of 35.995 euros, higher than the EU average. Our unemployment rate is 1,7%, one of the lowest in Europe. Ensure your investment profit by choosing Andorra.


3.Double imposition. We have agreements to avoid double imposition with various countries. France, Spain, Luxemburg, Liechtenstein, Portugal, U.A.E., Malta and Cyprus.